Next Best Actions for Sales

Why use ACUITY3D?

Increase Sales

Predictive modeling insights and Next Best Action prescriptive recommendations focus reps on the highest probability leads and opportunities, and the customers most likely to grow.

Gain Insights

Transparent modeling results show you the attributes and behaviors correlated with sales – and the accuracy of your predictive models.

Align Actions with Plans

Managers define the types and quantities of sales actions recommended to sales reps each day, week, month and/or quarter.

Save Reps Time

A streamlined, single-screen user experience reduces clicks, so sales reps spend more time selling, and less time navigating CRM.

Increase Sales Process Consistency

ACUITY3D guides your sales reps through a simple, configurable workflow so that actions and data collection are consistent across all team members.

Improve Data Quality

With less CRM navigation and a consistent process, more accurate data is collected, which improves data quality, process transparency and statistical modeling signal strength.

How does ACUITY3D work?

Predictive Analytics

A statistical Modeling Engine identifies attributes and behaviors correlated with lead qualification, deal closing and/or customer growth.

Prescriptive Actions

A configurable Rules Engine translates data-driven insights into probability-ranked Next Best Action recommendations for sales reps.

Simplified User Experience

An intuitive SmartList streamlines CRM navigation and eliminates clicks – so sales reps engage with the best prospects and customers more efficiently.

Your CRM data is an asset. Use it to Realize the Upside.