Our Mission

Increase Sales – by empowering Sales Teams to make Data-Driven Decisions.

Our Value

We help business users – sales reps, managers and executives – to find deep insights from their CRM and enterprise Big Data, and translate those insights into actions that increase sales.

Sales Domain Expertise

We know sales and sales management and how to enable you and your team to find insights in sales processes and data from CRM and marketing systems – using technology-enabled predictive analytics.

Self-Service Decision-Support Applications

We enable sales teams to benefit directly from the power of Big Data Predictive Analytics through our patent-pending Business User Interaction Model and R-based Analytics Engine.

Intuitive Visual User Experience

We deliver insights and action recommendations through simple, interactive, elegant visualizations that guide sales reps and managers through a results-oriented process.

Real-Time, Applied Insights – and Results

We enable sales teams to receive real-time, situation-specific insights – allowing for more “game time” decisions. Results are measured in terms of increased sales, forecast accuracy, market coverage, customer engagement – and consistent over-performance by the sales team.


We founded Acuity after decades of experience in sales, sales management, marketing and statistical modeling led us to realize that there is a tremendous opportunity to help sales teams capture Big Value from Big Data.

  • Every day, teams generate massive amounts of sales and marketing data utilizing SaaS/Cloud CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Insights and pinpoint actions drawn from these data assets are an untapped source of sales growth.
  • Historical charting tools are just too simple to find the signal in the “noise” of enterprise Big Data.
  • Statistical modeling packages are just too complex for 99% of business users, the people who need timely data-driven insights to drive consistent results.
  • Headquarters-based analysts struggle to translate limited insights they do find using today’s tools into actions that apply in specific, real-time decision scenarios for customer-facing teams.

Grappling with these issues led us to the conclusion that there is a better way, and that it was time to create new, innovative solutions to help sales teams to Realize the Upside from data-driven decision making.

We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey!